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Discover the unexplored potential of marine ecosystems and participate in their preservation and restoration

The stakes

Today, marine laboratories’ research project are very important to understand the value of the ocean and the impact that we have on it. However, these projects lack of different ressources to be impactful. To answer this problematic, we will invade the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

VCM allows organisations to purchase verified emission reductions in the form of carbon credits.

On this market, only 0,2% of actual project are linked to marin eco-systems. On the other hand, 83% of the global carbon cycle cirulate through oceans

We are project developers


Our work is based on 3 principles

A  strong scientific base

Currently, very few methodologies exists to develop marine project. Together with scientific organism, we will participate in the development of transparent and science-base methodology to support our projects.

Economic expertise

2-3 years is the average timeline to put a carbon offsetting project on market. Coming from economic faculties, we will bring financial support to your project. We will promote it in front of organisation of your choice, that can invest money in exchange of carbon credits.

Integrate your ethical value

The entry on the VCM implies many new transactions and stakeholders. We will make sure that every steps of your journey on this market is being done according to the values you want to bring to your project. Every stakeholder will be involved after your consideration.

Our model

The plan

Unlock the carbon potential of your project

Together, we will identify the carbon sequestration potential of your project and the expected ecological and financial return you can make out of it.

Launch your project on the VCM

Once the potential has been identified, we will launch the certification phase to certify the carbon credits issued by your project, along with the methodology adapted if needed. In this phase you will access to our academic and professional network to improve the technical and financial aspect of your project.

Retire benefits and scale up

On a VMC plateform, your carbon credits will be traded at a chosent price. You will be the initial owner of these credits and we will persue a percentage of each sales. 
Each of your project will be a new source of revenue that you can use to enlarge the impact of your research and develop new projects.
You are working on a marine eco-system to preserve it? This eco-system has a carbon sequestration potential? Let’s explore it together!
CONTACT US: info@cocean2.org